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A young Handsom man who thinks he has no place in this world but online. He has low self-esteem but is often a good gamer. They often are slow to get to know other people but once people get to know him, he is actually a wonderful person. He tends to call himself ugly but is often influenced by bullies or cyberbullies. He has many friends who he does not know he has and feels lonely because of it. He can have difficulties with other boys as they tease him about things that make him insecure. In his often opinion he finds himself as socially awkward, or "Bad". He tends to have times when he wants to be transgender or just alone. Some of his friends worry about him more than average.
Man, he seems like a Renic.
by Aemi The Dead Girl April 04, 2018
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Renic is the perfect girl. She's always smiling and laughing . Sometimes she has her moments but she bounces back really fast. She's intelligent , optimistic, and charming.
Everyone should want a Renic .
by _me_ December 20, 2016
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An ugly person who is probably depressed ( My name is Renic )
Renic is disgusting
by Linkgamer March 06, 2018
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