a beautiful and strong boy named after a king. he always knows what he wants. beautiful inside and out. he’s one of the most loyal boys out there, thats why every girl got a little crush on him. his smile is so beautiful and his eyes so bright
girl 1: can you keep my secret
girl2: of course thats renas!
by amandine33 January 7, 2019
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Coolest kids ever! mess with them and they’ll tell you what you need to hear.

No one is cooler then them, period
Kay & Rena are so damn cool
by Cool kid lexiii June 20, 2019
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A stinky cheese fart, but you want to smell it, yk?
Do you like my Renae?
by Fartfartfart11 November 24, 2021
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average middle name given to girls who watch dance moms, love getting ready a night for nothing , have like 2-4 real friends, prefer fall and summer over winter and spring, hate social studies and math, usually have a sleeping problem certain days
by alwaysswagandslayinlife January 2, 2022
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most girls who have this middle name are very different they would rather choose summer and fall over winter and spring. people with the middle name renae are quite at first but gets crazy when u get to know them, maybe even girls who watch dance moms alot , have a weird sleeping schedule and only like 2 real friends and like to get ready at night
ur really a renae
by alwaysswagandslayinlife January 2, 2022
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Renae is an angel from above. Her beauty is one that is unmatched from any other person in the world. It's very hard to look at Renae and feel absolutely nothing.
Attractiveness is only one quality she owns. Other than that she is kind of heart, a very loyal companion, most determined person you will ever meet, easy-going, hard to please but easy to love and most of all she is wonderfully made which makes you want her all to yourself.

Physically she is fit and toned. She has very kissable lips and loves to struggle, if your lucky enough to get a hug you may get a squeeze of her fine bootayyyy.

Holding her hand will brighten your day and just being in her presence will make you want to become a better person. She is good listener and always there for you when you are down and the VERY best at cheering you up!
She makes you forget everything bad that has ever happened to you and her voice is heaven send.
If you think her love, loyalty and looks are the way too your heart, wait for her cooking.
If you know a Renae...hold her close and capture the moments you have with her because she is the most incredible woman you will ever meet.
She’s a keeper 💜
I want to Marry her 💍
by Bella is love November 23, 2021
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