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Generally a shithole located 35 miles north of Utica in upstate New York. Nothing ever good happens here. There is only 500 people and half are retarded or incest. There are many backroads and parts of remsen you wouldnt be caught dead walking alone for example spall road. Why? a man with a fucking dildo for a leg with most likely hurt you. Oh yeah and that fucking creepy hitchhiker that noone ever picks up. And again there are a few good houses here and there on main street,far away from main, and on the lakes here and in the generally "safe areas" but other then that its trailer trash heaven. If you like to farm, chew, wear the same shirt everyday, or fuck your mom, Remsen is perfect for you! The only time remsen is semi normal is when all the utica fucks come up for barnfest! how lovely! A remsen kid usually spends their time on the weekends by getting completly wasted in the woods or at house partys with the entire senior class and a few juniors and college students. We also have to combine our partys with adirondack and holland patent students just to make it look like we have friends. The Remsen kids also drive roughly 35 miles just to get to the nearest grocery, movie theatre, or mall. The only thing we have is the Soda Fountain which is a 50s themed resturant where one could buy a 10 dollar hamburger! how ironic that noone in remsen can afford it! Crime here is about 90 percent but we also never get caught. The most unpopular person is our school principal. Remsen is a class D school and all our sports suck. The girls soccer team is better than the guys which is terribly sad. We have a few gods in track who go on the state qualifiers, and states, but that only happens once every 3 years. The staff at remsen is a joke none of the teachers have an education, so there for they cant pass the knowledge they don't have down to the students so therefore we are all dumb. The gym teachers are a joke they love 15 year old pussy and they are not afraid to show it! But anyway if your on route 12, and see the remsen sign (I dont think there is a sign) never turn right keep going straight visit old forge or something! NEVER GO HERE
KID-hey mom do you want to go to remsen today?

MOM- no son, last time we went there we hit a cow with our car and ruined it.

KID-thats to bad I like looking at those freaks.
by remsen kid January 31, 2009
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Remsen is a pretty nice town that only city slickers wouldnt like. We have to deal with people from utica and only the retards go party and screw up their lives. It has some decent places to go, the soda fountain, general store, t.a.m.s diner, and others. The school is crappy with some crazy teachers that are highest paid in almost all of new york. The farms supply fresh food for us and money for them. We like living a half hour away from the city because it keeps them out of our hair and if you dont like it go somewhere else. If you are a stuck up city slicker stay out because we dont want your critisism.
Kid: Lets get out of this gross city and go to remsen

Mom: sorry theyre too cool for us
by PersonWithABeard May 04, 2011
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