(noun) An inferior substitute for in-person schooling after it is cancelled, possibly due to a Pandemic or something.
Thanks to Coronavirus, my whole class switched to remote learning. Now every morning I watch my teachers through a gritty, laggy webcam and receive an inferior education, but I still get to pay the same ridiculously high tuition!
by BNOOMZ March 17, 2020
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Worse than being at school.

Just sitting around doing nothing but just listening to stupid shit every day in the morning.
If you ever tried to skip class or school. They send you home with a note saying, Your son/daughter Is falling behind such as, not listening and skipping classes.

And if your sick, your still forced to do work online remote learning wtf.
by Spheraz January 13, 2021
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A piece of shit alternative to in-person learning and the fact that colleges won't reduce the tuition even a little bit is obscene.

It's a fucking joke and there will probably be a reckoning for universities once COVID-19 is alleviated.
College is so rewarding and engaging in-person, but remote learning fucking sucks and students are sick of getting ripped off!
by Soul_Driver March 5, 2021
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