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Worse than being at school.

Just sitting around doing nothing but just listening to stupid shit every day in the morning.
If you ever tried to skip class or school. They send you home with a note saying, Your son/daughter Is falling behind such as, not listening and skipping classes.

And if your sick, your still forced to do work online remote learning wtf.
by Spheraz January 13, 2021
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The worst ever prime minister that ever lived.

Justin Trudeau maybe seems nice, but he’s really not. He has done “Blackface” 4 times, extremely racist. Like this dude needs to die, have him lynched or something. I will not go on as a Canadian citizen living with this dumbass prime minister. False info, fires nurses, doctors, etc.. because they are not “vaccinated”.
(Coronavirus is not real it’s just the flu 2.0, all these vaccines do nothing to you. It’s just some watery substance what gets jabbed into your arm)

I have to define this motherfucker smh……

Justin trudeau some prime minister whose a piece of shit to everyone.
by Spheraz February 10, 2022
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A beautiful red flower that you give to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day or be nice and give it to a random person as a gift!
Rose are red

Violets are blue

You are beautiful

Here’s a gift for you!

Stay safe and have a great day guys! :DD
by Spheraz February 10, 2022
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Your number one because every 1 loves you 😘😌
by Spheraz January 13, 2021
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Hell is for stupid Karen’s and stupid people.
by Spheraz January 12, 2021
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A device what detects ghosts to see where the ghosts location.
There’s some of them what are fake, pranks, simulators to find a ghost and then you got to buy one for 3.49$, those are the real ones.
Ghost detectors are fake. The only purpose is for entertainment only.
by Spheraz January 13, 2021
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