a CD that is scratched just enough to repeat and continue a few beats and sound remixed. you can purposly scratch the CD on a sharp or rough surface to mess it up. You can claim to have remixed songs to your friends, that have never been heard before.
"haha check out this cd i just remixed :O:O:):D"
by Foolacy May 20, 2009
When you shave off a girls eyebrows and glue them back on with your own sperm.
Dude, you should've seen all the girls I remixed at the As I Lay Dying show.
by AndrewNoble February 11, 2009
A song which is a modified or new version of an original.
I prefer the old song to the new remix.
by Falconrath October 4, 2003
To dilute drugs so you can make more money off of less substance.
Put the remix in the brick thats $20,000 profit
by Better Known As Street December 1, 2011
To remix is to recombine an audio tracks to produce a new or modified audio recording. Remixing is mostly done in the rap and hip-hop category. There are 3 different ways to remix. One way is to just change the background beat, another way is to feature several new people in the song (with or without new vocals), and the last way is to take out and add in new vocals of the original song. All three methods may be used all at once.
Itz tha remix! Dis izz dA muthafucken REEEE-miXXXXXXX!!!!
by apersonthatdoesntcareaboutyou September 4, 2005
Something you shout when you're listening to a CD with other people when it starts to skip, especially if you live in 1997.
REMIX! Haha, get it? It's skipping, it sounds like a bad remix! Haha! Guys? C'mon, it's funny!
by kwirk June 4, 2005
1.Expression used when someone wants or needs a better version of a really bad song.
2.When someone needs to relax, to chill, calm down
3.Expression used when someone wants or needs something better, or upgraded, or of a higher level (remix)
1."This Micheal Jackson song is awful...yo man i need the remix though..."
"yo man, i think you need the remix..."
3. "This computer is too slow...i need the remix..."
by Dj Chris February 22, 2007