When you're laying in bed and you remember sometime of great importance.
Billygoatsmuff44: did you get all the ones i told you about?
TomXsXeX: yeah
Billygoatsmuff44: haha
TomXsXeX: cause i was half alseep and I got the one about Amanda and I was like wtf this guy has lost it
TomXsXeX: then I saw the Terror one and rememebed
by Tuff Tom September 18, 2007
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Man, I totally rememeber hamsterdance. It was one of the first memes I ever saw.
by Wynneth April 4, 2009
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To have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness memes from the past.
I saw a Pepe meme yesterday and it rememebered all the laughsame I had with Pepe.
by DarkKnight932 February 8, 2017
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I rememeber hamsterdance! It was the first meme I ever saw!
by wynneth April 5, 2009
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To positively remember a meme of long ago. These memes are usually dead memes.
Person: Hey I rememeber Bad Luck Brian!
Person 2: Yeah! Memes have really gone downhill since then...
by DekkoDekkoD July 31, 2018
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