RELIGIOUS-REICH was a term coined on "" to refer to"Christian-fascism" ideology which became present in American Evangelical circles during the Bush administration, documented in a book by War correspondent, Chris Hedges, "Christian Fascism and the War on America", as a result of Fox News indoctrination of conservative Audiences unknowingly being trained with World War II, Nazi political ideology and propaganda within a previously "Conservative-Religious" framework.
He used to be a "Religious-Conservative" but now he's part of the "Religious-Reich". He defends torture, wants to over-throw the U.S. government for a "Christian-Nation", and thinks "Religious Freedom" is actually something evil that must be destroyed.
by XmassIsAlie March 25, 2012
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The 'Religious Reich' is a synonym for the Religious Right. The Religious Reich favor the death penalty and are against abortion. Generally regarded by the sophisticated as puritanical zealots, the Religious Reich would virtually erase all social advancements made by women, gays and lesbians over the last 100 years.
Did you hear about that nut from the Religious Reich shooting the Abortion Clinic nurse in the face?
by Mo Dixley October 07, 2005
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Not content to refer to those who disagree with them as the "Religious Right" or "Christian Right", some moonbats demonize their adversaries further by referring to them as the "Religious Reich".
As far as I can tell, Isaac Bonewits was the one who coined the term 'Religious Reich'.
by Gahmuret June 26, 2006
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