The art or act of changing one's self, Re creating one's Image
I've been the same for to long, time for a Reinvention
by Misterwoodstreet October 23, 2015
1: Calling a preexisting sexual position/sexual act by a nonconventional name.

2: An expression used when a person "invents", unknowingly, an already existing sexual novelty.
Ex. 1:

Bob: Dude, me and Linda totally did a double decker last night!

Frank: Bro, it's called 69. No need to reinvent the dildo.

Ex. 2:

Bob: I came up with this awesome idea last night. Just hear me out, but what if we video tape people doing it and put it on the internet??

Frank: Bob, it's called porn. Stop reinventing the dildo.
by Happenstances August 27, 2012
Starting something over completely from scratch when there is already something prepared. Often done unnecessarily and for the purpose of taking full credit.
Michelle: Did you see the dress Jenny made? It's just like that one we saw at the mall, except the straps cross.

Carly: Why didn't she just alter that one? She's always reinventing the wheel.
by Zach Willard July 6, 2008
1st Base- Kissing, even peck (yes you went to first base with gam gam)
2nd Base- Boobs stuff
3rd Base- Below the belt action
4th Base- The grand Slam
69th Base- ;)
by SUNNARD March 28, 2016
to needlessly duplicate the basics of a method
If we have the technology to clean up the atmosphere, why do we always try to reinvent the wheel?
Common code or jargon for copying someone else's work and claiming it as your own.

Frequently used in the military, even for the most mundane of tasks.

Especially applicable when the search to copy someone else's work requires more work than actually doing the work yourself.
1. If you've already done the work, there's no need to reinvent the wheel, just send me a copy of yours.
2. I'm sure I could do this, but why should I, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.
3. Whenever you copy and paste a request, remember to include that you don't want to reinvent the wheel.
by homogenius December 11, 2019
Like “reinventing the wheel”, but for techbros.

More precisely, it is to spend an incredible amount of money, time and mental effort to finally come to a solution that was actually figured out decades or even centuries ago.

Bonus points if you end up making yet another app using the blockchain, so that in order for you to use it, you need to put your SSN on a distributed public ledger so that it can get pwned by Russian hackers.
“Ok, pitch it.”

“Ok so like basically we get people to pool their money together into one thing and then invest that thing into Bitcoin and use the profits from that investment to pay everyone involved once a month, and then when someone dies their portion of the investment goes to the other participants.”

“…you just described a tontine.”

“A what?”

“A tontine. The thing you're describing. It's been around since the 17th century. Are you reinventing the bus again?”

“No way, man! This one's different, this one uses JIT-compiled vue.js and blockchain smart contracts to keep track of the system!”

“Brilliant. Here's a million dollars, we're gonna be rich!”
by tariqk November 22, 2022