1. A Battle Cats youtuber, who supposedly calls himself a spoon.
He is good at Battle Cats and at the same time he's not.

2. Another way to say someone is a spoon(by urban dictionary definition).
Matt: Have you seen Regit? He's such a spoon and always loses a battle in Battle Cats.

He's such a Regit.
by ThatUrbanNinja6969 February 3, 2018
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Originally derived from slurring the words Ridiculous and Legit together. Basically meaning that something is pretty ridiculous but is definitely legitimate.
Lamar:"Hey man look at that trick. She does that to every guy she dates."

Trent:"Yeeeaaahy man she's mos def playin him."

Lamar:"you got too admit tho she's pretty regit man."

Trent:"Yeah when are these foosgon get a clue."
by abstract Aj December 27, 2008
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A misspelling of Rajit
An Indian god that can bend both someone's gender and their bendings
Billy: Hey Dude did u hear what happened to Adam?
Dude: No, what happened to him?
Billy: Apparently he used to be a nationality bender and a boy, but because of Regit he's now a water bender and a girl.
by 5T0PiD November 11, 2019
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Pronunciation(reh-jit) a word meaning something is so legitimate (Authentic; genuine) that it's retarded (Uncomprehending to the brain).

Guy 1: "Wow, this band is retardedly legit!!"
Guy 2: "No dude, this shit's regit."
by XsidXvengenceX April 13, 2011
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SubV - "Regit is a fucking retard"
II Tums II - "Agreed"
by koomiey March 29, 2017
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Okay so the problems with Regit-
First of all, the EGO and ABUSE. He's in the actual worst position of egotistical, where he's self depreciative in the most trill, annoying ways, yet still in his actions acts holier than thou, talking down to everyone, refusing to listen to any advice regardless of how straightforward and logical it is simply because of either personal bias against someone, or this deep seeded condescending nature of how Regit doesn't consider anything told to him by anyone as worthy of consideration as his own ideas regardless of intrinsic value. He shuts down every attempt to reason with him and pawns off actual guidemaker strats as garbage or "inconsistent" without considering that he could be doing something wrong, and when he does he pawns it off as a "regit is bad" meme and somehow self depreciates on top of being too egotistical to admit that a strat isn't flawed, how he's doing it is. He's pretty much the ONLY Battle Cats YouTuber that attacks others, and from what I know the playing field was relatively passive until he came in and started jabbing at others for things that were second nature to take as lighthearted jokes from peers before. Regit isolated HIMSELF from the community, taking with him his impressionable audience, and blames everyone else for it.
by PonyTardRepellence November 25, 2018
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The asian way of saying 'seems legit'. Which means, something that is too good to be true, you would say this.
Nehal: I just won $500 in India!
Jack: Seems regit.
by itsOptinum September 22, 2012
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