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The bottom 2% of your peanut butter cup that invariably sticks to the inside wrapper.
I had to lick the Reese's feces off my wrapper to be fully satisfied.
by The original Greebs December 29, 2015
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The act of consuming Reese's peanut butter cups, usually in large quantities, in advance of defecating on your sexual partner. If timed just right the Reese's will be the primary ingredient in your feces. Hence, you have delivered a "Reese's Feces"
Jack has been in heaven since he learned to combine his two favorite things in the world, a Hot Karl and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Now his wife regularly requests a "Reese's Feces", and he his happy to oblige.
by kandayman February 20, 2011
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When you eat a lot of candy and your poop comes out in weird colors.
Man, I ate a bunch of Twizzlers and they gave me reeses feces.
by theamazingbrett September 02, 2016
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