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White male late 20's early 30's with ginger hair, day walker. Loves to get fucked up on pills and beer and go on dates with $30 dollar prostitutes. Preferably two black ones at a shitty hotel. Can't get his dick hard to fuck'em blames the hookers and calls a new one and takes her to next room over. Uses mangled finger to finger bang her and scratches the inside of her pussy to shit. The Red Bandit is a very horny villain with no boundaries or safe words.
The Red Bandit is also a hair cummer. Chick falls asleep and he's a wake he will at all cost cum in her hair.

The Red Bandit loves blow jobs.
If you were asked if you were hungry and you were, it would be appropriate to say "does the Red Bandit love blow jobs?"

Wake up in the morning and your hair is already gel'd, you got hit by the Red Bandit
by Hamboan December 14, 2013
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