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When a close group of girls sync their periods, which can be quite dangerous for everyone else.
"I sense a disturbance in the force. I think a red wave is coming. Avoid Stacy and all of her friends for the next week or so.
by Jacob The Gentleman Potato November 24, 2018
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In the context of United States of America (USA) politics, this refers to a sweeping victory on election day for the Republican Party. It is a generally accepted practice in the USA to identify "red" as the color associated with the Republicans.

However Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez, running on the Democratic ticket, took a different path on July 20th, 2018 when she identified a DEMOCRATIC victory as a "Red Wave." This left many people scratching their heads.

However, there is a simple explanation; Ocasio - Cortez was just showing her true colors. As a "good little Democratic Socialist" (more Socialist than Democrat); "Red" does not equal Republican, "Red" equals COMMUNIST!
The Red Wave we need to get should be Donald Trump's Red Wave, not Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez's.
by Disillusioned Dem October 27, 2018
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Red Wave refers to blood in the streets, as happens in a pandemic, or when there is political violence in the streets leading to bloodshed.
As our nationโ€™s democracy is assaulted people spilled into the streets calling for a red wave.
by anadult June 22, 2018
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