The act of receiving a handjob (an old-fashioned) while eating a piece of cake
I gave my boyfriend a Red Velvet during my grandma's birthday party last night.
by BallsOut469 August 18, 2012
When a guy ejaculates inside a woman who is on her period , the resulting mash up is a red velvet
Dude, i did the red velvet with her last night, it was nasty as heck but she loved it...
by NaijaRiffic January 20, 2012
When a guy with a full-fledged beard goes down on a girl on her period.
Dude, everything was great! Including my red velvet (squeeze, squeeze his beard)."drip, drip"
by friendsgiving December 6, 2014
SPECTACULAR korean all-girl band who's members hairs are more colorful, happening, and bright than my future. they're an audiovisual feast, swimming through a kaleidoscope of neon chopped fruit and psychedelic bursts of fluorescent pop art. their music alone is like aurally candy sampling the smorgasbord of treats at your local fresh market. ultimately, they're a rich and lush audiovisual melee of bubblegum pop and hip hop and i think they think i'm lesbian. i'm not really lesbian. that's erroneous.
mysteriously, red velvet songs tend to frequently come out on the 19th day of the month.
by The-real-cobra-queen September 12, 2019
When you and your virgin partner have intercourse, where the resulting vaginal blood is used to coat her, therefore causing her to appear like a red velvet cake.
I would try doing The Red VelvetTM, but I fear to catch STD's or aids.
by PolishDerp December 10, 2017
When a ginger girl gives you a blowjob and you blow your load in her hair causing a combination of semen and red hair similar to a red velvet cake.
I gave this ginger chick a great red velvet last night when I was getting some awesome domeage and blew my load all in her hair.
by Bigburrmonster May 10, 2013
When you take a Frosty™ and funnel it into your girlfriend's vagina during menstruation and go to town. This is different than the black forest when one pours a Frosty™ into a sexual partner's orifice.
Dave: Did you go down on your girl last night?
Chad: Hell yeah, I gave Stassi that good good red velvet!
by professorlovecakes August 14, 2015