"Red Shoes" is a codeword for a great set of tits. This codeword was originated circa 1999 and is a perfect cover for notifying a group of friends of a great rack.
1. Holy shit! Look at those awesome red shoes!

2. Dude, check out these approaching red shoes....I want to motorboat the shit out of those bad boys.

by R.M.S. October 24, 2009
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Norther Irish slang phrase for someone who has had sexual intercourse with a woman who is menstruating.
by FredGee June 6, 2007
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pertaining to or resembling any activity deemed akin to cheesy "soft core" porn. Comes from "The Red Shoe Diaries"
This girl last night wanted me to dress up like a cop! Man, she was so red shoe!!!
by Qper August 9, 2006
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when someone has sexual intercourse with a volcano or object imitating a volcano.
by ima gay September 28, 2003
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A grunge slash punk slash garage band.From brighton Laura-mary and stephen are a band with nice drums and good guitar.they hate being called indie and their myspace friends are the maccabees and foals.their name is taken from the story of Hollywood actress and singer Ginger Rogers, who had to re-shoot a dance sequence so many times that her feet bled profusely and dyed her white shoes red
"Blood Red Shoes were well good last night at the festival"
by I heart milo vetimigla November 17, 2007
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to be extremly organised
some people think about what they are doing tomorrow or next week, a "Johnny Red Shoes" plans for no less time than 2 years ahead, this is not for big things like moving house, hoildays, etc, this is for Video Game purchases, DVD/Blu-ray rentals, etc.
by MonkeySXOC October 13, 2010
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