an indie band from brighton.their album is called colour it in.they're mentioned in LDN is the victim
the maccabees were well good last night
by ilovegarth January 3, 2008
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1- Jewish fighter who led the defense against the Greeks more than 2000 years ago

2- a crazy beat down involving a really pissed off Jew and some victim
That Juda Maccabee sucks!

You idiot, now I'm going to go Maccabee on your pathetic hide!
by uberjew December 8, 2003
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1) An elite group made up of the coolest people in the world. These Jews rule the shul with their cleav from their peres.
2) An ancient group of Jewish terrorists, fighting against the Greeks for control of Palestine
1)-I love the Maccabees!
2) Because of the Maccabees, we now celebrate Hannukah.
by MimitheCougar July 1, 2005
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A bbyo chapter in the nsr region that completley runs shit. they mack biddies like its there job and have brotherhood levels that exceed the other chapters by 10x. they had the most members that attended winter convention 2010, and contain the chillest jews ive ever met.
person1- dude that kid is from maccabee aza
person2- i heard they fuck shit up
person1- i also heard that kid hu with 10 girls...we cnt compete with that
by jarahh December 13, 2010
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