when ur boyfriend is a blood and he calls u his red ruby thats means he loves u ta death wants u to b his wife. ur probally willing to do anything 4 him and u stay by his side through thick and thin. thats probally why ur blood boyfriend called u his red ruby
i dont need a example. the definition for red ruby explains it all
by Britzzz July 31, 2008
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is a girlfriend to a member of a person in the blood gang. she is a ride or die chick to the fullest and will back her man. since the color of the gang is red that is were the girlfriends get that title of "red", ruby implying there fly
Tony: yo tina looks maddd gud
Justin: yo dont mess wit her before her blood nigga get ppl to jump you
Tony: wut the fuk they gonna do about it
Justin: iight but dont say i never told you not to mess wit a red ruby
by britani March 16, 2006
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A potentially deadly mixed drink consisting of 3 shots of Rubinoff vodka and a can of Red Bull. Surprisingly drinkable and guaranteed to get you FUCKED UP. A shot of 5 Hour Energy can be added for extra effect.
Lou: Sup man how'd your night end up?
John: Fuckin terrible. Had 4 Red Rubies and passed the fuck out on the couch.
Lou: Shit man! You gotta watch with that Red Ruby. That's some dangerous shit!
John: Word man. Red Ruby is a bitch. She'll fuck you up
by E freak December 11, 2014
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A Female that goes out with a gang member of the bloodz.
Iam Ruby Red, Yert My man's a bloodz
by LADii E April 5, 2006
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1. A kind of fruit flavored citrus soda

2. To ejaculate blood during sex
1. I drank some ruby red squirt last nite

2.I drank some ruby red squirt last nite.
by Skank Dingleberry March 21, 2004
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A stretchy piece of skin that holds a male's testicles. Or, in other words, a scrotum.
I grabbed his ruby red bag and gave it a squeeze!
by Ruby Red McGee April 10, 2008
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