Girls who have red nails are sluts
You see that slut over there with the red nails? yeah shes a hoe
by larrryyyyyrrrryyy August 08, 2019
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to be a bitch like those bitchy secreteries and such who always bite your head off when you ask them a question
man: Jane from accounting's got red nails
Jane: Fuck off!!

Man:dude, dont ask her out shes got red nails, she'll eat you alive!!
Dude:yeah ima geter drunk first
by frankie rekay March 24, 2009
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Its when someone sticks there fattest finger up there ass, which cuts of the serculation to the nail which causes it to turn red.
My teacher did a red nail to me and kept it in for so long that she had to go to the E.R.
by The finger master March 14, 2004
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This is like the “light bluetrend that goes around but if a boy chooses the colour/color dark red it means it turns them on
Girl:hey what colour/color should I get my nails?

Boy:erm get dark red nails
by User00love June 19, 2021
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If you have dark red nails, you have Lana Del Rey’s vibe. You’re quite melancholy, but that makes you even more beautiful.
Look at my new dark red nails!
It feels like Lana Del Rey is my mother.
by wildflower wildfire January 10, 2022
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