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Word commonly used in Leicester to describe a relaxed/happy feeling.
"You alright mate?"
"Yeah man, I'm totally recks
by legenddddd August 23, 2011
Used to describe something or someone that is awesome, rad, cool, etc.
"You're so reck"

"That shirt is so reck man"

"That was such a reck movie"
by Marsha Tarsha July 01, 2006
Abbreviation for 'reckon'.
Steve's getting fed up with Diana, I recks he's gonna leave her pretty soon.
by IloveTen June 02, 2011
Recreation in jail or prison. Like weights or a basketball hoop
I jacked his reck.
by neanderthal December 12, 2003
Common slang word used in New York for Cigarettes.
"yo man i need to get a pack of recks"


"yo bits let me get bust down on this reck"
by Grypes May 11, 2004