Ray Ziesmer got recked by Tony.😂😂😂
by Imrightyournotbish August 15, 2016
A man who was loved by so many people and loved each and every one of them back. He changed our lives and we changed his. Reckful was fighting the hardest battle anyone could fight. The fight was with depression, he won so many battles and nearing the end an unexpected ally came through and helped him win a huge battle which everyone thought ended the war. Sadly we were wrong and depression snuck right back up on our beloved man who meant so much to us and unfortunately won the war going on in his

We all love miss you Reck. Have fun flying around yelling poggers, playing MMOs, and very strategic games which you always excelled in. Im sure your brother is happy to see you after all this time (just dont compare hairlines). RIP The legend, the loved, and the loving Reckful.
We miss you Reckful
by WetPantiGranny January 20, 2021
A rough area in Toronto Canada often mentioned by the rapper nav who’s often calls him self a brown boy with a bag
Just a brown boy from the recks
by Soy star February 22, 2018
Verb. The act of being unable to perform a task. Such as hanging out with your friends, due to persuasive abilities, namely, lack thereof.
Guy1: Is {blank} coming with us to enjoy the cinema?

Guy2: Negative. He was unable to persuade his parental units in the direction of a positive outcome...xenophile.

Guy1: I guess he pulled a recke.

Guy2: T'is true. He did indeed recke out.
by Merp-Waz Inc. August 23, 2010