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A statement that refutes, contradicts, or otherwise disagrees with a something previously said.
A poor example, thought up in a matter of seconds:

John: LOLOL WHALES LAY EGGS!!11!!1one!

Martin: I disagree, whales do not lay eggs.

John: oh

John: btw, was taht a rebuttal?

Martin: Yes. Yes it was.
by Requisite July 22, 2008
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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While playing Beer Pong, after one team has sunk the ball into their opponents last cup, the opponents then get one more shot to save themselves.
The host of the party/purchaser of the beer/other appointed beer pong authority reserves the right to suspend the rebuttal rule.
We thought they had us, but we got the rebuttal and won it.
by hawie July 11, 2006
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V. When one puts their butt in the butt of another again and again, "Re""Butt"ling. It is intercourse of two butts.
Victor: " Hey Ashley, what you doing later tonight?"

Ashley: " Nothing but I am kinda horny, but it is that time of the month"

Victor: " Why don't we just rebuttal instead?"

Ashley: "Gee, Sounds swell. See ya tonight!!!!"
by BBC Brothas March 09, 2011
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When you hookup with the same guy from Grindr twice.
I had a rebuttal with Steve from Tuesday and I'm not mad about it.
by Just curious February 16, 2020
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When your ass is handed to you and you subsequently hand it back.
He may have made some great points against me but my rebuttal will be just as punishing.
by P.Q.Beckett August 30, 2014
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To fart in response to another's. Usually one hopes to make a fart of higher caliber to shame the original beefer.
Nancy: Brrraaap! Excuse me!
Marjorie: brrrrrraaaappppppp!

Nancy: Why must you always attempt to one up me?
Marjorie: It wasn't a 1up Nancy, it was my Rebuttal!

Shart fart queef 1up
by Petunias dad November 19, 2011
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