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Nickname for a girl named "Rebecca". It's only used by closest friends/family, & is reserved for the people who love her the most. Suffix "chan" indicates friendship, as well as the description of a weeb. Rebby-chans are shy, but hold a fangirl side to them, especially when they see something ZeLink related.

Rebby-chans are very self-conscious and tend to underestimate themselves. When they do something they are proud of, they focus on it for a long time, basking in their creation. Often think they aren't as beautiful as they are (though they are the most cyutest and prettiest people on the planet). Try to do their very best. They try to keep everyone happy, even at the cost of their own happiness. Can easily make you smile. Loves making others happy when they are upset. Don't let her cinnimonroll-ness fool you, however. She tries hard to be strong for herself, but Rebby-chans typically need a neko companion as well as an oblivious cousin-chan to cheer her up from her evil side that resides inside her. Because of their helping personality, they deny that they are upset because they do not want others to worry about them. Some have also been found to be afraid of judgement. Bestest people you can ever meet.

In natural habitat, Rebby-chans dwell on the bed in their room with 1000 dogs and cats (as well as a chicken or 2 or 8). They have about eighteen stacks of Nilla Waffer boxes, as this is their primary diet. Other necessities include a laptop, charger, & internet.
Ex 1:
Rebby-chan: Daniiiiii, come play Minecraft with me!

Dani: But Rebby-chan, I'm reading NaLu fanfiction ;-;

Ex 2:
If you happen to meet a Rebby-chan, be sure to become friends with her immediately for upmost cyuteness.
by Totally Not Cousin-chan May 29, 2018
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