Razi is and short little fucker that will try to hit anything thing he can sometimes he will also finesse your airpods. Razi has a 6 pack and he will beat the fuck out of you and he is a sexy fucking fuck.
Stfu before I get my boy razi on you foo.
by c1apper69 October 23, 2019
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A person described as being superior to everyone in every stat possible. Straight up BEAST. Smarter, stronger, faster, even better looking than anyone or anything.
That sculpture was so flawless, it was razi.
by Webster_8 May 17, 2009
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"I straight Razied that ho."

"Yo, I just Razied that bitch in the bathroom stall."
by Welleselly September 25, 2008
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Is the technical term for the small portion of fecal matter that breaks off and remains in the anus during the human excretion process.
John: "What took you so long?"
Jack: "Sorry mate, I was taking a shit and had a Razi that just wouldn't come out."
by Razi_Baig May 29, 2010
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The act of knowing about your sister sleeping with dudes and not caring.
Did you see Laura all over that guy yesterday in front of her brother Tom; he was so razi!
by oooooooyeahhhhhboooiiiii July 1, 2010
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rai-zee adj: Originally a typo from the word "crazy"; to be crazy or insane in a fun, playful way.
Person 1: My friends are so razy they can make up their own words.
Person 2: Don't you mean crazy?
Person 1: No, I mean razy.
Person 2: That is so lame, bro.
by GuysImSoLame December 30, 2011
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