Raymi means "celebration" in Quichua, the Incan language.

One of the most well known Raymis is the Inti Raymi, or celebration of the sun.
Lets all go to the Inti Raymi this weekend!
by gringatoriana February 4, 2010
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1. An unabashedly naive overthinker.

2. A state of bold, insatiable impatience.

3. Term of endearment for genuineness.
1. (PERSON 1): “I need to know what my English teacher meant when she said my term paper was ‘a curious collection of words.’ Did she hate it? Couldn’t ‘curious’ have a positive connotation? I mean, I’d like to think that curiosity was once a redeemable attribute in children that we mournfully surrender with age...”

(PERSON 2): “Please chill the $&@! out! You don't know that she doesn't even read half the papers we write! God, you’re pulling such a Raymi right now. Maybe stop overthinking?”

2. (P1): “After much thought, I’d be honored to write an extensive, thoroughly researched bio for you to be featured on the new website.”

(P2): “That’s wonderful!! When can you get started? What will you write about me? Though your writing will need some help. Surely you’ll be sending me proofs so that I can correct your grammar and punctuation. And let's not forget your pedestrian attempts at humor or your flagrant tendencies to end sentences with a preposition. So when do you’ll think you’ll be able to start? You have to tell me now so I know when to expect it!”

(P1): “Will you take a breath for $&@!’s sake? If I’d known you’d get all Raymied out on me, I never would’ve agreed!”

3. (P1): “You know, that new girl at school is so stuck up! Her parents are getting her a Range Rover, and she doesn’t even work."
(P2): “Not true. You’re just jealous of her because she speaks her mind truthfully and with kindness. You’re just an ass who tells lies, and she’s a total Raymi.”
by PB&J254639 October 7, 2019
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James: Hey do you know Raymie?
Terry: Of course! She's awesome.
James: Yeah she really is.
Random Person: She's one COOL-CAT
by Kool Kat XD March 13, 2013
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to have been ignored by someone after giving a polite and audible greeting

etymology: refers to the great Raymie Knighton, lord of San Pablo, whose exploits were largely ignored
"Ohhh... you got RAYMIED!"
"Sorry, man. Those girls just Raymied you."
"It's okay. Raymie doesn't ALWAYS get Raymied. But it pisses him off greatly every time it happens."
by Manuel_Labor July 6, 2004
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Raymie is a lad with quite the charm, a large dong and a jokester. He's loving compassionate and works hard. He often spends his days thinking about how to make the world a better place. He’s the extra pair of hands that you can rely on. He’s also a good shoulder to cry on. When in need have no doubt Raymie will be there for you. Unique is not enough to describe him. He is a breed of his own. If you ever meet one make sure you keep him close.
Girl: oh my gosh raymie has such a fat cock.
Man: yeah and he has a hairy ass!
by Greymoon12 November 23, 2021
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