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The most adorable, funny, sexy, amazing girl you can meet. Loves to help people and is loyal. A great friend and/or girlfriend. Will stick by her man. Rayeanne's are very Loving and will never leave your side. Hard not to fall in love with. Often taken for granted. Loud and fun to be around. Most importantly will always stick up for her friends. She’s a girl that's usually on the petite side. She is extremely well liked and her bubbly personality is infectious! Has a tendency to date the jealous types, and her ex's never recover. Being well admired by the opposite sex, her relationships are usually rocky. But this loyal girl sticks by her man. Generally a commitment-phoebe, her monogamous relationships don't last very long. She has the outward appearance of being flaky or undeceive, but once she makes a decision nothing can stop her.

She will turn your world upside down. She's very cute but also smart and intelligent. She may have the world on her shoulders but she can still smile and make you happy. She has a life full of happiness and success ahead of her. Her personality is what keeps you around. She is the kinda girl that will be loyal to the end. She will never stop loving someone. She's a lover, unconditionally. You will always have either a very very good relationship with her or very bad. She loves food 'cause who doesnt? ;)
Rayeanne will try her best to make everyone happy even if it hurts her.
by Rayeanne February 04, 2019
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a nasty skank ass bitch who sells dildos for a living
Look at that hoe Rayeanne on the corner.
I knew a girl named Rayeanne once, she had friends named Sam and Izzy.
I heard that Rayeanne girl was a slut.
by RayeGates22 November 30, 2013
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