something u say when your friend refuses to pass the ball
*someguy refuses to pass the ball*
me: rayane n9ch
by nyakswaeza3im April 21, 2022
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In Jainism Rayan Is An Auspicisious Tree In Palitana , Gujarat. In Islamic It Refers To Gates Of Heaven. In Muslim It Refers To The Paradise Gate And A Fragrant Herb.
In Irish It Is Known As Little King. In India It Refers To An Authority Figure. Rayan Also Means King Or Leader In Tamil. It Is Derived From The Sanskrit Word Rayana Which Literally Means Ever Moving. Also Intended Meaning Of Rayan Is Ruler.
Rayan Eyewear is a Brand that defines the true essence of Indian Creativity.
by Yourlocalbrandadvisor November 24, 2021
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When someone does something stupid (like rayan)
Criska did such a Rayan moment
by Rayan = idiot October 16, 2021
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Rayan rashdan Is the reincarnation of the northern god Odin according to some ancient scripts. he's said to seem strange to some but way smarter then he leads people to believe although he was once called a God he is supposedly living a normal life somewhere in israel by the year 1954-2031.
Rayan rashdan might still possess some of his hunter and sorceress skills
by Jackson crawford November 20, 2021
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