to get fucked over by someone; just like Ray Allen fucked over the Boston Celtics by signing with the Miami Heat
"Hey bro, I saw your girl making out with the guy who choked your dog to death. She really Ray Allened you man"
by RisK July 06, 2012
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Almost Best Three Point Shooter of all time. Especially in finals against los Angeles to Win Championship for Boston Celtics. Played Much Better than Kobe' in 2008 Playoffs no matter what anyone says. Also Awsome defender and Free throw shooter. Damn He's Good.
"His 9th 3 pointer for the game, Damn Ray allens on Fire"
"Ray Allen 99% from the field"

Lil Johhny Swishes it from the 3 point line. Johnny Says "Ray Allen".
by JR Fizzle July 23, 2008
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One of the best three-point shooters in the NBA. Unfortunately isn't getting much done on the poor Supersonics, who probably won't see another title for 5 years or so.
"Ray Allen shoots the J from 30 feet..."
by D-Miles October 15, 2006
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ray allen is a gross basketball player who only stays outside the ring and is scared of going past the three-point line. His inability to layup or dunk represents why he shall never become a great nba player.
ray allen failure
by kobe7 August 02, 2011
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Named for Seattle basketball's Ray Allen's Long shot accuracy, the Dirty Ray Allen is performed during anal sex, the male will at the point of orgasm withdraw, grab the hair of the receiver and shoot his ejaculate from long distance into the waiting mouth of the recipient followed by placing his penis immediately in their mouth making him the 'Baller of the Week'.*
*An authentic Dirty Ray Allen is done while dressed in a SuperSonics jersey.
"Yo dawg, I skied from 3 point land and Dirty Ray Allen'd that bitch!"
by Mr. Honest July 31, 2006
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