A special word that is a combination of awesome and the ancient language of dinosaurs that consisted mainly of roars. It evokes a sense of awesomeness and also the impression of a huge and/or epic feat, hence the roaring aspect.
Nitemare: <insert awesome picture here>
Zonic: rawrsome!
by Euan Gallacher May 31, 2005
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The combination of RAWR and AWESOME to explain somthing cute and loveable and spicy and overall awesome, it can be used at anytime to show how you feel about a particular thing.
Man that movie was amazing and did you see channing tatum? RAWRSOME!!!
by heytherehothere July 18, 2010
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Instead of saying, "That's so awesome!" you can say, that's so rawrsome! implying that whatever the person said, is awesome, in a dinosaur way!
"I got payed $200 today!" "Wow! That's so Rawrsome!"
by furptime June 12, 2017
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It pretty much means Freakin' awesome.
It's more awesome then the regular awesome.
Robots and Baseball bats are so friggin' rawrsome!!
by KT&Leah&Kelly January 1, 2008
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A mix of awesome and rawr. For people who love dinosaurs and are complementing a joke about dinosaurs.
That joke about the T-Rex was rawrsome!
by +.*Atomic Dinosaur*.+ July 30, 2018
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Wow! I can't believe I got the change to participate in a rawrsome.
by lamecupcakes November 24, 2016
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