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Techincal term for the act of unprotected sex. very descrete to say in public, must people have no idea. Also common comical name for an auto racing team
Dood I tapped that shit Raw Dawg last night, it was great.

Raw Dawg Racin' takes 1st 2nd and 3rd place in tonights results
by Raw Dawg Racin March 09, 2006
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The origin of the term rawdawg goes way back to the good ole days of the late 90's from Ellijay, GA, the apple capital of Georgia and gateway to the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia. The very first use of the word started as a compliment so as to say to someone when greeting them, "What's up rawdawg?" or "Hey rawdawg, how's it hangin'?" This initial use transformed immediately when it turned to the year 2000. As the clock struck midnight and the year 2000 started rawdawg all of a sudden meant a style of fornication which involves everything that normal fornication involves except for the condom. The condom is just left out of the equation alltogether. So, for instance, if you or someone you know is "rawdawgin' it" that means that person is pretty much "doin' her in the butt, no rubber." But, however, not necessarily in the butt. It could be the cooter and that's just fine. Gay people do not count, so, therefore cannot rawdawg. This protects hederosexuals from being charged as homosextionals in that if I said "Hey Matt, me and Daniel are at the bar just rawdawgin' it right now, why don't you come over?" Since gay people cannot rawdawg, there is no way that I am fornucklating with Daniel, this sentence simply means we are just sitting at the bar having a grand time.

So as the time went by, the word began to spread to South Georgia and there began a rawdawg explosion in Statesboro, GA. See, the word began to no longer mean what it had in the past. The person who would do the rawdawging was usually someone whom does not worry about very much throughout his life, therefore enjoys a good rawdawg festival now and then. So here began the use of the word to describe someone who "just don't give a f**k." The term rawdawg became a household name and was used commonly at the dinner table. For example: "So Billy how was your first day of 2nd grade?....Oh it was ok mom, we just pretty much rawdawged it all day." And now, to this day that is how it is used, just as commonplace in American culture as road head and hangovers, and therefore preserving our sense of unity and building a foundation for preservation of domestic tranquility.

Note: rawdawg is never capitalized unless used at the beginning of a sentence. This is to preserve the laid-back culture of the word.
"Hey hoss what in the hell are yall sons of bitches doin'?"
"Oh not much cupcake, just sittin' around rawdawgin' it today"
by Dash S June 23, 2007
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If he keeps on rawdawging those random chicks hes gonna end up with a kid or VD
by SmackHead April 28, 2003
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A state of mind(religious, political, social, and cultural) that trancends every fiber of the person. No one can become a Raw Dawg, you can only be born with it. A Rawg Dawg hates the world and all races even his own. Morality does not apply to him, he is a creature whose intellect and drinking outweigh the fabric of his body. Filled with the testosterone of a male bull The Raw Dawg's persona may lead him to the following:having unprotected sex(every time),making a mess when he snorts cocaine, waking up at 12 am when he has work at 8am and convincing his boss he was on time, etc.
The Raw Dawg does not need an example
by Assap September 09, 2011
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something that is cool, sweet, rad, just straight awesome.
Instead of the world swag
Damn, that shirt is raw dawg!
by swagisdeadstupid January 03, 2012
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a person who gruge fu*#&, weares stuff out all the time...(a west virginian).
your going to break it if you dont quit rawdawging it.
by randall stover March 18, 2003
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