Techincal term for the act of unprotected sex. very descrete to say in public, must people have no idea. Also common comical name for an auto racing team
Dood I tapped that shit Raw Dawg last night, it was great.

Raw Dawg Racin' takes 1st 2nd and 3rd place in tonights results
by Raw Dawg Racin March 9, 2006
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To smash a girl without a condom.
"Last night I Raw Dawged this little slut. I did not pull out either"
by Andrew Kim November 24, 2007
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A state of mind(religious, political, social, and cultural) that trancends every fiber of the person. No one can become a Raw Dawg, you can only be born with it. A Rawg Dawg hates the world and all races even his own. Morality does not apply to him, he is a creature whose intellect and drinking outweigh the fabric of his body. Filled with the testosterone of a male bull The Raw Dawg's persona may lead him to the following:having unprotected sex(every time),making a mess when he snorts cocaine, waking up at 12 am when he has work at 8am and convincing his boss he was on time, etc.
The Raw Dawg does not need an example
by Assap September 10, 2011
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something that is cool, sweet, rad, just straight awesome.
Instead of the world swag
Damn, that shirt is raw dawg!
by swagisdeadstupid January 3, 2012
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A male who Habitually Has Sex With Females, whom he has just met, Without A Condom (Raw Dog) even though he has sworn off Raw Dogging repeatidly. Usually A Male In His Late 20's who is trying to be more responsible with his sexual escapades.
Person 1: "Yo Kid, Did You Beat Them Guts Last Night?"
Guy 2: "Yeeeaahh Boy! I Killed The Pussy"
Person 1: "Did You Wrap It Up Though?!?!"
Guy 2: "Naw... I Didnt have a Rubber, She Said She Was Clean Though..."
Person 1: "HAHA! Daaammnn! Raw Dawg McGraw wit yours!"

Originated in Lexington, KY and Commonly Used In Cincinnati, OH
by Skyline Chilli Dogger January 15, 2010
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when one has sex with a person of the opposite sex without a condom, thereby impregnating her. Then you leave her and never call her again.
I liked my Lisa, but I decided to raw dawg and bail.
by DJ Fagtron May 1, 2007
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When having sex with a girl, only doing it doggie style, no matter what. Anal or Vaginal and never with a condom.
I follow the Raw Dawg Law, it lets me stay away from all the emotion of it.
by J2552 February 6, 2010
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