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Ravynne, also spelled Ravyn or Raven, is probably the sexiest, most beautiful girl any guy could be lucky enough to have. Ravynnes usually are tall, have luscious blonde hair, stone cold blue eyes, and the cutest smile anyone could ask for. Most people donʻt get to see her huge heart, because she usually has just a few close friends. She sometimes can be very self-centered but has that one special person in their life that they will stay totally loyal to and will do almost anything for. If she is ever feeling down, she will only talk about it with the people that she actually trusts. Otherwise, she will just smile and act like she is fine. Usually, Ravynne is with a Dylan, and she stays loyal in a relationship. She thinks she is not pretty but everybody knows for a fact that she has an amazing face and an unbelievable body. She can sometimes be a bit of a tease even though it is not intentional. If you are ever lucky enough to have a Ravynne, try hard not to let her go.
Dude: Damn bro, Ravynne is so hot!!
Other dude: I know! I wish I could go out with her but I heard she is dating Dylan!
by IMSCREWED.YT January 10, 2018
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