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A word to describe a fluffy or portly individual who is happy with their body. Named after Paul Raven. A play on the similar word Rubenesque.
Man 1: Paul you're a big dude, you must weigh 250 plus. You're fat man.

Paul: Im not fat, Im Ravenesque
by Heavyc76 January 16, 2011
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A word uses by ignorant people that can't pronounce or have never heard of the word "rubenesque".
Beavis: Look at the booty on that chick Butthead. She's fat but I'd still do her because she's ravenesque and I'm into that sort of thing, um yeah.

Butthead: Don't be such a dillhole Beavis. The word is rubenesque you dumbass, not ravenesque. And I don't think that's a chick. She looks like your uncle in drag, uh, hu hu.

Beavis: Don't make me kick your ass Butthead.
by dead diver October 11, 2013
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