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A slang term created by BTS anti's directed towards the BTS ARMY. It's used as an insult to the BTS fandom.
"Omg you ratmy of course you would like Begtan"
"Ratmy's are in the infestation of the k-pop community"
by Laddii May 23, 2018
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Comes from the word rat which is a racial slur used against Asians. Kpop stans are hypocrites and racists because they would call BTS fans 'ratmys' when they stan Asians themselves.
Kpop stans: Look at those ratmys listening to BTS's music.

ARMYs: You do know it comes from a racial slur right?

Kpop stans: We don't care

ARMYs: We feel sorry for your faves for having such a racist fandom.
by BabyBlueDreams May 28, 2018
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Ratmys are the trashy bts fans. Most antis call the bts fandom ratmys because they are the most annoying kpop fandom on stan twitter.
VIP: did you see what that ratmy tweeted about exo? Ratmys really should stop talking about other groups and focus more on their faves
by Grandmaster overwatch player September 20, 2017
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