oh yeah that’s my seed and i love them so much
by fr0gzilla November 26, 2021
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Someone who you choose to look out for and consider to figuratively be "your child" even though they have no blood relation. Often when using this term, people mean it in the same way as saying "My sperm."
by Street Life January 19, 2018
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some nigga that would be nothing without YOU.
bro you're my seed, you would be nothing without me, kys
by zerxdm April 8, 2021
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The very words that will get any girl to sleep with them and “Take there seed”.
1. I told that cum dumpster to “take my seed bitch” and she slobber my mother******* knob and rode me.
by Nigga Nate nasty2005 February 1, 2018
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Word of honor.
That is my word of honor on my child's life.
Shorty was tryin' to get wit' me last night.

You lyin'!

Nah, that's word to my seed - she was!
by Black Tiger March 4, 2003
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