1. I heard she rat out on Rosa.
2. That chick is so dead.
by Mamapeach July 21, 2014
a chant aimed at lowering the confidence of an individual who for some batty reason rat'd someone out.
Often used in south Dublin, pronounced 'rats ouuuuuu!'
Rats out!!, Robn Neiland!!!
by Mr.Berry.luvs.da.fat.minge.xx January 31, 2011
Ladies parts of pleasure(booty)
Would you like a drink ?
If so get your "rat out"
by AARFC April 18, 2005
Old Athletic from 1919
meaning ladies nether regions..
Would you like a drink...
if so get your RAT OUT !!
by AARFC April 18, 2005
a sorry excuse for a female,she will fuk everybody and anybody.ANYBODY.a hoe who sucks fuks jerks kiss touch nd talks to dick.
'ay yo marco,there yo guh ashley'
'hell naw..not no mo.she a ratted out hoe now'
by 918 l blocc May 8, 2007
A phrase that is believed to have first been used in the town of Blackwood, South Wales by boy racers cruising up and down the high street to get the attention of good looking female members of the population.
"Get Your Rat Out" literally means expose your Vagina or Vulva. In the late 1990's it became apparent that "Excuse me Madame, but would you mind showing me your vaginal opening, only I'm rather fond of you and all that" was no longer acceptable, hence a much shorter phrase was required. Recently, since 2004 "Get Your Rat Out" has been shortened to just "Rat Out". Academics have theorised that within the next 5 years this will be shortened to just "Rat", as motor vehicles become faster thus making it more difficult for one to shout “Rat Out” whilst passing some rather delicious ladies.
"Oi Love! Get Your Rat Out!"
by FoxThree June 13, 2006
get ur fanny out
oi get ur rat out
by Anonymous September 29, 2003