A Loyal and good guy you can talk to him about anything. A lot of females are attracted to guys like Rashid. He’s funny and talented and likes to spoil his girls with a lot of goods. Everybody likes him he’s just a perfect guy.
I want a guy like Rashid they’re so fine
by getchohoedawg February 25, 2021
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A gay short black nigga who swears he gets bitches but deep down he likes boys
Hey where’s Rashid with his boyfriend
by Whdhdgehejh July 12, 2019
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A mentally unstable person who has daddy issues. Rashid's are usually found in trailer parks or trash bins looking for cheap crack or heroin to feed their addiction to sucking cock.
Person 1: Wow did you just that guys dick for 11$?
Person 2: Yes
Person 1: What a fucking Rashid!
by Rashidakaologhassi March 22, 2018
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Two meanings:
1: Arabic peanut - people say very tasty
2: Man name - man with very strong personality but never aggressive, Able to speak with many accents, mainly in critical situations. One of the best 3 with never ending, growing potential in illegal business and politics. Small mental disorder officially proved by two main characteristics :
occasional desire to become a women

horniness and inability to discuss AI and blockchain achievements with other professionals
If A-Rashid should be currently described by one word it should be w...y❤️
Who is only scared from jellyfish? A-Rashid
by seisa July 23, 2018
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if a guy is called rashid l, he is gay, he has a small penis.

they often have an iPhone SE because they accidentally mistaken it for an iPhone xr

don’t be a Rashid he stinks of shit
you know Rashid?

yeah the guy with the iPhone 5c

rashid: it’s SE actually
by ed05070507 April 18, 2019
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The queen of gujjars
Ugh Laiba Rashid is such a gujjar omg!
by ilovelaibarashid November 18, 2021
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he is a little kid / cries everyday and very bad at fortnite and in studies
zain rashid is a bad student in school
by zain rashid November 17, 2019
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