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Also called copy ninja Kakashi, used to be called Kakashi of the sharingan, but today, he is also known as the sixth hokage. He has copied over 1000 techniques. You may think he is lazy during his first appearance, but when he battles a strong opponent, he is CRAZY strong. His main attack is lightning blade, or raikiri. He also can manipulate the mangekyo sharingan, and when he uses it, it will shoot a vortex jutsu named kamui. In the end of the fourth great ninja war, he learned how to manipulate the susano'o.
Kakashi: Kamui! Obito: aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! Kakashi: Kamui lightning blade!
by Lord 7th December 22, 2017
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Naruto's new version of Rasengan, but in shape of a shuriken. It requires four clones to create it. It can be used like Rasengan, but can be hurled towards an opponent. If thrown, it can be easily dodged. If the jutsu hits you, it is certain that it will cause massive damage, then it will blow up if it succeeds.
Naruto: Shadow clone jutsu! Naruto: Wind style: Rasenshuriken! Pain (Tendo): ...
by Lord 7th December 19, 2017
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