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Rape Fantasy
Different from Rape, which is a brutal and barbaric crime that destroys many people's self-esteem. Rape Fantasy hurts no one and is a fantasy involving imagining or pretending that he or she is raped or is raping someone. It is usually erotic and both parties like it or come to like it in a process. Rape Fantasy can have more than two people.
I was having a rape fantasy about my boyfriend and I today.
by Pseudonym Micah July 02, 2014
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The act of daydreaming about raping someone or something. Most rape fantasies are not carried out, just spoken out loud 40-60 times a day.
"Hey man, do you want to go see that new movie, 'Julie and Julia?'"

'Nah dude, I'd rather sit here and have a rape fantasy about my parents then see that movie."
by Cinnamon Crime Ring October 08, 2009
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