The enlisted troops, excluding officers and leaders. This term comes from military usage, men marching in ranks (e.g. Private, Sergeant) and in files (e.g. single file)
Now I'm standing with the rank and file, I'm marching with the underground, our black hearts worn on our sleeves. Rank-n-File - Anti-Flag
by PunkRockerKodi February 25, 2009
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working bastards of corporate america working 12 hours a day
Tell the rank and file they need to start work 1/2 hour early if they want a raise in this company...
by itichie_nocanpo September 12, 2006
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Band from austin.texas active from 1981-1987. They were. The preamble to what eventually became known as the "cowboy punk"genre
The band is was founded by brothers chris and Tony kinman

One of their hits "the conductor wore black"was used in the 1985 movie. "to live and die in la". Tony kinman passed y
Away on may 4th
So. May the 4th be with him!
The band rank and file is comprised of chris and Tony kinman.and I can't remember the other guys name!
by 4realazitgits March 22, 2021
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