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She is shy
-you don't want to le go of her once she is in your life
This is an Arabic name and it means the whisper of an angel
That girl is such a Ranim
by Im_Awesome July 10, 2014
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Ranim is a whore and a bitch,
that can't live without boys in her life.
she can never be single but she is good
with her boyfriends.
although she is pretty nobody likes her, but she always has one friend. Ranim is always caring for people but never does inside her heart.
Girl: She is so mean.
Girl 2: i know, she is such a Ranim.
by IAMSORIGHTLURVIT October 12, 2011
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Beautiful girl but is an attention seeking whore who is in love with herself and likes to play around with as many boys as she can.
Do u know Ranim
Ye of course I fingered her and she sucked me off
by Klbfsjsjslak February 19, 2018
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