A personal feminine name.
1. Variation of Rani, from the Hindi rani < Sans rajñi, fem. of rajan. In India, the wife of a rajah or a woman who is a queen or princess in her own right.

2. Variation of Renee, fem. form of René. Stemmed from the Latin fem. form Renata, male Renatus, meaning "reborn".
Ranee is an ancient first name that is still in use today.
by My Best Hope February 5, 2010
A bad ass bitch who does what she wants, who she wants, and is so hot that your eyes burn when you look at her overall she slays and is queen
Wow Ranee is the hottest girl here
by Laylabru7 March 10, 2017
A name usually spelled "Ranae," which is French and understandably pretentious.
Ranee is spending all day inside reading a book, because she's just like that.
by BillyBudd March 9, 2009
A tasty, one-of-a-kind New Zealand delicacy, that makes your mouth water just thinking about...
(better than chocolate)
If I could have one Rane, I would be the happiest girl in the world.
by Happiest Girl September 22, 2004
a washington-based manufacturer of a line of audio equipment that is xonsidered some of the best on the market
many top Djs use rane mixers.
by dj scrizzle December 13, 2004
Rane’s are very flexible and very unique in every single way. They are very short and probably won’t grow over 5 foot. They always make people laugh and have good friends. Rane’s have terrible hair because of heat damage and wish they could learn how to do hair
Rane enjoys to spend his days hunting down and slamming hot native bitches.
by nighthawk94 June 29, 2011