A word that describes something as off beat, or odd in the time in which it occurs or is seen. Since Mid 2003, the popularity of the word 'Random' has sky rocketed due to unknown reasons. Scientists and scholars alike have many theorys, but they attribute the rise in the use of the word to the Sub culture of Pop Punk.
Good charlotte fan: 'OMG!!! I sat on a snail today! It was green!'
Cheerleader friend: 'OMG!!! Youre so random!!!'
by Bitchin' Kitchen January 02, 2004
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something said or done that is a little out of left field or a bit wierd, perhaps in a humorous way
sare: so yeah, then I walk up to her and I'm like -

theeph: I think a small snail is masticating upon my foot.

sare: Huh. Well that was random.
by Sahara October 04, 2003
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A derogatory term that no one really knows the meaning of used in shooters such as Gears of War, which originated from the overrated clan-based community Gamebattles. Used mainly by people who believe that it is a successful substitution for a real insult, when in reality it only makes you look like a loser who takes online trash talking way too seriously.
Player1: Take the shotty to your face, RANDOM!
Player2: What? What did you just call me?
Player1: You heard me, RANDOM!
Player2: ... Go die, now.
by The Lancer August 10, 2008
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1. Having no specific purpose or objective.
2. Relating to a type of circumstance or event that is described by a probability distribution.
3. Unpredictable; weird.
"Paris Hilton has her own show."
"Paris Hilton has her own show."
"Paris Hilton has her own show."
by Lola L. December 02, 2004
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Something that happens out of the norm, doesn't adhere to pattern, chaotic, nowadays a VERY overused and commonly misused word, making people like us who try to use it in it's true sense sound like teenage douchebags.
(retarded teenage use) We don't really need some random bass line in there.

#2 That shirt is totally random.

#3 Correct usage. "The word "random" should not be used randomly, you douchebag. Of course, you're so stupid you don't even know the definition, so why do I even try?"
by GregR April 05, 2007
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Prior to the apparent adoption of the word by chavs, a "random" was a slang term used to refer to a person who was clearly and obviously out of place in a particular milieu and whose presence was therefore questioned. Usually a neutral to negative connotation.
A: Who was that guy in the glasses and tweed jacket who showed up at our sorority meeting?
B: Clearly some random.

Some random dressed in a clown suit just ran across the quad mooning people.
by Theodora April 16, 2007
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random randomness is out of the blue used commanly by mindless and moronic teenagers in an attempt to seem humerous and popular among here piers.
bob: hello fred , how are you today?

fred: the yellow monkey attacked the weather man because he stole his cheese covered muffins in an attempt to save the world from the apocolapse and the end of biscuit farms everywhere.

Bob:my , how random.
by Nikki the saint February 03, 2006
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