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The word "Randhawa" is derived from two terms, "Rann" which means war and "dhawa" which means to attack. Hence Randhawa may be known as a warrior who attacks in a war with a great courage and valor. Randhawa is associated with being a royal blooded clan and also considered at the peak of the Jatt pyramid. Randhawa clan was earlier a part of the great Rajputs, the well known warriors of the Indian soil, which had ruled from 6th century to 20th century. After the founding of Sikhism during Mughal era, the royal clan of Randhawa converges into Sikhs as warriors to enhance the Sikh Empire.
Man I wish I were a Randhawa
by skr10 November 13, 2010
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I am proud to be a ranhawa dawg
Dont fuck with a randhawa boy he’s proper jatt, he will mess you up real good.
by proper jatt June 03, 2018
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