While this word also refers to the beast in Star Wars that lived underneath Jaba The Hut's palace and ate Jedi's, it also happens to be a derogatory term for people who have large appetites, are abnormally cranky, are scared of doors, and are named Courtney.
1) Did you eat that whole pizza!? You're such a Rancor!

2) Stop over reacting! Bad Rancor!

3) Watch out for that door, you Rancor!
by The George Lucas February 4, 2010
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A rowdy sex position where a naked bro is being chased by a naked babe. In order to stop the chase the bro has to force his bone down her throat, choking her until she moans like a dying rancor.
Hey man, I totally did the Rancor with this chick last night!" *High fives* "That's tight, is she okay?" "Nah man, the trials actually next week." "Ah.
by Sex Jedi November 17, 2010
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Verb. "To stab the roof of your mouth with pointy food" like Luke Skywalker did with a creature's femur to the mouth of the massive creature below Jabba's Throne Room in the movie, "Star Wars: Rerurn Of The Jedi".
"Aggh. I just rancored my mouth on that nacho. That hurt really bad!"

"Well then don't eat vertical shit."
by GristleMittens November 3, 2017
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noun- bitterness or hatred (towards).
A bully tease your fat ass and you're filled with rancor towards him.
by anderl1n June 17, 2009
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To describe someone or something which is bad or negative
"I just broke up with jenny"
"good on ya,she was pretty rancor
by charles mcswag August 21, 2014
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verb: Rancor, Rancored, Rancoring

In the game Dark Age of Camelot, to involve your group in a fight already in progress; participating uninvited.

Synonyms: assramming, assjamming
We were fighting albs by levians but mids came and rancored us :(
by toeman May 31, 2004
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The beast under Jaba's palace in Star Wars. This is also used as a term used to describe girls that are lesbian, fat, ugly and/or have more hair on their face than the average teenager.
"Look at that girl... ewww!"
"Wasn't she in Shane's summer school"
"Rancor!!!!!" *runs away screaming and gets gored to bits*
by rancor h8er September 21, 2010
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