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A Jamaican Term Indicating...

1. A Verile Man
2. A man who is popular with the opposite sex, and can have anyone he chooses.
1. Which one ah di gyal dem yuh waan choose, ramgoat? All of di gyal dem waan fi romp an ting.
by xSpYdAweb August 22, 2009
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1.someone who rams goats attack goat used for security purposes
3.a crew member from montreal(dave or chris)
1."yo,you done know that chris breezy is a dutty ramgoat".
2."some pussyhole tried to rob me,and my ramgoat fucked im up"
3.dave and chris are the ramgoat crew O.G.'s
by Sticky and Big D January 21, 2009
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Origin- Trinidad, Jamaican and other West Indian countries
Unbearable odor or scent from unwashed bodies, putrid smell of an area, home or location
1. Rollup the car window! Hackensack River smelling like Ramgoat!!
2. Look at Wanda walking by. Nobody tell she yet about coming in smelling like Ramgoat. Yet they all smile in her face.
3. It's better to workout early at the gym, because if you go after work, it be smelling like Ramgoat and ass.
by HotLykePhya November 01, 2017
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