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Also known as Vanilla Valley, RVHS in Arvada, Colorado is proudly home to the most stuck-up, rich, white teenagers in the United States. The security guards and SRO care more about students wearing hats inside than bullying or drug use, adding to the fact that cocaine addiction and vaping runs rampant, as these kid's parents will shell out money faster than they could say "White Power".
Ivan: "I got expelled from Ralston Valley High School for being a vape god"
Stephen: "Checks out"
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by r-gay May 21, 2018
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Located in Arvada, Colorado, and A suburb of Denver. Ralston Valley High School is the location of the 2006 AIDS Scare in which nearly all of the sexy, yet disgusting, females collapsed in the disease ridden halls. Some notable homos from the flaming baby blue school are Daniel Tosh, Ellen Degeneres, and Elton John. Ralston Valley (also called Vanilla Valley) Is mainly aryan dominated, just the way they like. RV is known for their massive ragers where Charlie Sheen caliber lines of coke are delivered by the truck load, and inhaled almost instantly. At these parties, and in the school in general, muscle shirts and large biceps are required at all times. Lack of muscle at VV will result in your useless and shriveled testicles to be promptly removed and blended into an AIDS margarita. In short, it sucks there. :)
Jacob: Hey you wanna go to that crazy party at Ralston Valley High School?

Tyrone: Nah bro I'm black.
by Arvada, Colorado December 22, 2011
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Ralston Valley High School The mustangs, first it's a school swarming with hot babes. Like seriously I hear they freakin are bred there. They dominate well, everything and anything which comes to no surprise. They have closer ties with wheat ridge than one would think due to their comrades on the lacrosse team which is extremely beast by the way. But really I mean, can you say bragging rights? What a school, it has to be better than arvada west (notice this school is not capitalized since it's so gay). Because I mean really the kids at RV are smooth phresh pimps. What more is there?!
Ralston Valley pimp: Ralston Valley High School is straight up thuggin'.

arvada west kid: yeah, were straight up gay.

enough said.
by Lax bro 559532456874374824900 February 19, 2011
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