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Ralk is just about the sweetest and the sexiest guy you’ll ever meet. He teases you and laughs at you, but it’s okay because his laughs are just about the kyutest thing you have ever heard, and the teasing is just his way of showing that he loves you; and boy does he LOVE YOU!! Ralk wants you and only you, and he’ll make sure you know it! He may not be the tallest boy around, but he is the sweetest, the hottest, the sexiest and the most charming guy you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Ralk has these dark dark brown eyes that look almost black, but in them you see the sparkliest night skies and the most loyal soul in the world. He has soft skin with some scars that he is a bit self conscious about, but the scars just add to the story of Ralk. Ralk is charming and stubborn too, but don’t make him curious, even though it’s just about the most adorable thing ever seeing him all curious like that, if you don’t tell him soon he will ask incessantly then lose interest. Ralk loves to make you happy and he is a great person to rely on in your time of need. A Ralk can always make you laugh no matter how sad you are, no matter how afraid or angry... Ralk is just an incredibly amazing person, so once you have one, never let him go. Bc he surely won’t let you go.
Girl1: hey girl! What’re you doing?? You’ve been glued to your phone texting all night! And you won’t stop smiling either!??

Girl2: oh sorry :( I’ve been messaging my best friend Ralk. Talking to him I can never stop smiling and he’s so sexy too, I just love him so fucking much 😍😘♥️🔥🔥
by Lokiana Draenei July 20, 2018
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Ralking is a form of exercise that involves running and walking. Perfect for those people who are bored of walking, though too unfit for running.
I am about to go for a ralk, would anyone else like to come with me?
by Kirra Lates May 08, 2011
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raw talk... real, honest, sometimes blunt conversation usually done late at night when your defenses are down. some people find ralking very sexy and stimulating due to the straightforward nature and content of their conversation.
Call me tonight, dude and lets ralk till the sun comes up. I need to let go of all my pent up emotions.
by Benanna September 07, 2011
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n. Post sexual or early morning urination that splits into 2 or more streams.
Man I had a 4-stream ralk this morning and half went on the floor.
by M Paul L March 18, 2006
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The awkward walk/run when you want to run but dont want to look a fool
it was well awkward i had to ralk to the bus
by Gullen October 10, 2011
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Verb: to run until you're out of breath and then just have to walk the rest of the way / the art of run-walking.
It's a 10 minute ralk to the beach.
by Unicorn75 July 09, 2015
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