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The sound created by somebody Noisily vomitimg due to excess alchohol consumption, comes from somebody noticing that on occasions somebody retching sounds like they are saying ralf
"hey Jim are you ok?" No ive drank too much im gonna ralf...." What the fucks that noise" oh thats just Jim ralfing, he's shitfaced"
by Jonnyboy8726 November 05, 2009
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Creepily hitting on a girl untill someone is forced to kick your ass

"dude look at him ralfing on kayla i think im gonna go push him down that hill over there"
by Numbahwon May 08, 2008
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When one puking all over his dog, cat or chicken and forces the animal to eat it and that is the only food it gets until all of the puke had been eaten
jack was ralfing all over his cat and it died shortly after. Jack ralfed on his cat yesterday.
by Flappy flapper November 03, 2014
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