A synonym of hoe.
Also a synonym of slut, skank, bitch, or tramp.
That girl is a rake!
Stop being such a rake and invite me to your party!
by katquitlollygagging May 28, 2008
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A term primarily used by those of the Asian race. Usually used to prove one's gayness. Usually exclaimed in a high pitched voice annoying to all. Meaning to be of exceedingly awesomeness to the user of the aforementioned word.
"Dude, that shirt fabric is rake."
by SlyNi January 20, 2009
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A rake can be a girl or a guy that is basically a hoe that doesn't sleep with anyone. This is mostly a elementary/middle school term since you probably don't sleep with people at that age.
Ugh, Mariah is such a hoe

She hasn't slept with anyone so how is she a hoe?

Guys, she's such a rake

That's perfect!
by Saxy Marie October 30, 2014
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A portion taken as profit from each pot when playing poker. This is done for the benefit of the players, because the gambling establishment cares so deeply. Counterintuitively, this is especially beneficial for players attempting to earn a living as a professional poker player. Because, as the rake becomes higher it becomes impossible for professional players to win at a rate that makes their profession viable and thus they lose all of their money. Which is good because now that they (and all the other formerly professional players) do not have to worry about playing against one another, because it is no longer profitable to play in said game. THUS, the game is profitable. Rake is good. More rake is better.

Pro tip: if your rake isn't high enough, you and all the other players could ask the house to raise it, so that you will all make more money.
More rake is better. -Daniel Negreanu.
by One Who Cares. April 22, 2017
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A scrawny ass motherfucker, someone who is all skin and bone. Skinny as a rake.
Man idk why this guy thinks he's so tough, he's a fuckin rake.
by Fuckoff777 November 06, 2015
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