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adj. A disgusting creature that lives for the soul purpose of eating whatever so type of cheese & lipid indulged foods avaliable. When threatened the creature pushes out his front teeth, cocks his head, & screaches in a way similar to the phrase:"Kuugh". This creature is also known to smoke around 40 ciggarrettes in one buissnees day & to drink an average of 4 liters of softdrink, preferably a Cola, in one day. To go along with these traits this creature also always has a very peutred smell to it. One could captivate the auroma as a bouquet of body odor & grease.
Dude your acting like a total Rainbolt right now!
(or if someone where to make a rainbolt like statement, one could reply simply with an) "O.K. Bolt." (signafying that their actions and or statements are not appropriate/disgusting)
by presario69 June 18, 2010
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