1) A fit of unrestrained orgiastic anger. One step up from apoplectic rage.

2) The climax of make-up sex where the 'make-up' issues haven't been completely resolved and one or more of the involved parties are still angry.

The word is a portmanteau of 'rage' and 'orgasm'.
My girlfriend threw me out, I stubbed my toe and then dropped my wallet down the grid. I had a complete ragegasm in the middle of the street.
by TheNexus May 19, 2011
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when u rage so hard, u cum
MOM! How many times have I told you to KNOCK before coming into my ro- UURRRRGHHHHH! *cum splatters right into your mom's face* -Ragegasm
by OiImCheeky August 1, 2017
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To achieve an orgasm while listening to Rage Against The Machine.(Usually results in wanting to punch someone in the face.)
Guy 1:Oh dude when I heard bulls on parade I totally had a ragegasm.
Guy 2: Dude that's gross.
by Grant W. October 23, 2006
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When you're angry enough to where you nut on someone on purpose
"Gah I was so angry that i ragegasmed on them."
by PloopieMcPants January 30, 2021
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